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Let us help you transform your space from scattered to simplified.

Meet Kate Silvi

I have always loved being organized. Growing up, I was excited to organize my school supplies, closet and bedroom, but it wasn’t until shortly after college that I realized I possessed a true talent and gift.

Becoming a teacher and owning my own home, I realized my passion for organizing and decorating. I had two of my very own places to work on and play with constantly. I was always coming up with new furniture arrangements, and decluttering and organizing the supply closet! The training I have received in Home Organizing and Home Staging has strengthened my skills and increased my passion.

As a mother of grown children, I know how hard it is to maintain an organized and orderly home. I am also keenly aware of the importance of doing just that. Everything has to have a “home”.

There is nothing I love more than helping others, regardless of the task at hand – I’m a naturally caring person as well as a problem solver. To be that person who “fixes” problems and helps turn people’s home or office back into a place where they can relax or work more efficiently is incredibly rewarding. Let’s declutter and get organized together!

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Let us help you transform your space from scattered to simplified. We make it simple to enjoy a space with style and function.

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